Creating the Intellectual Culture of the Women's Center


About Faculty Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates promote the mission of the Center for Women, Gender and Global Leadership (Women’s Center) through teaching, research, and service. Affiliate Faculty members participate in the Women's Center’s research networks or teach courses for the graduate certificate or minor program. 


Faculty Affiliates contribute to the intellectual culture of the Women’s Center through activities such as teaching courses in the minor, mentoring or advising students, participating in ICNs, contributing to Center publications, and related programs that advance our mission and vision. Faculty Affiliates from all departments, colleges and schools are invited to apply.

Become a Faculty Affiliate


Requirements of our Affiliate Faculty are: 

  • Required to hold a 100% faculty appointment or lectureship in an academic unit at Howard University 
  • Appointed on at least a 2-year renewable term 
  • Given a courtesy affiliation at the Women’s Center 
  • Reviewed annually to evaluate ongoing involvement with the Center 

Request Affiliation

Email Anita Plummer at and include a cover letter (in email form) and CV to request a formal affiliation. 

The email or cover letter should include the following:

  1. A brief description of your research and teaching areas for inclusion on the Women’s Center’s website. A list of research interests is preferred. List course numbers and titles with content related to women, gender and sexuality studies.
  2. A brief description of any past or current research projects that align with the mission of the Women’s Center. 
  3. Identify which of the criteria you meet (at least one) for faculty affiliation at the Women’s Center:
    • Teach a course for the Certificate in Women’s Studies at the Graduate School 
    • Teach a class listed in the official Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor Program
    • Research, programming or grant writing that is part of an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network 

Faculty Affiliates

Mesi Bakari-Walton, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Afro-Diasporic Cultures, World Languages & Cultures 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Women’s activism in Latin America; Afro-Columbian culture and identity; Afro-diasporic cultures 


Helen Bond, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Department of Education 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Teacher training; education for sustainable development; gender and education; preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) through education, and antiracist education. 


Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Professor, History 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: US history; African American women's history; public history; museums and archives; history of the District of Columbia; migration history emancipation 

HIST 405 Seminar in Public History 


Emily Cramer, Assistant Professor, Department of Strategic, Legal, and Management Communication 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Improving communication around hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, conditions disproportionately impacting Black women. 

SLMC 312 Advanced PR Writing; SCOM 102 Intro: Communication Prof. Dev 


JaNeen Cross, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Maternal and child health disparities; mental health; health policy. 


J. Jarpa Dawuni, Associate Professor, Political Science 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Comparative gender and the law; Judicial politics and rule of law in Africa; violence against women; gender, law and development, women and the legal professions, gender and development, international human rights, African politics 

POLS Women, Gender and Sexuality-Comparative Perspective; POLS 154 Gender, Law & Politics 


Marina del Sol, Master Instructor, English Department  

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Digital Humanities, Otherness, Trauma & Narrative Ethnographic Writing, and Writing Studies 

CWGGL Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network Member 


Eliseo Jacob, Master Instructor, Department of World Languages and Cultures 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Dr. Jacob's recent publications contextualize literary and cultural representations of the urban periphery as part of a larger analysis regarding the relationship between race, masculinity, and citizenship in contemporary Latin American urban spaces. 

CWGGL Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network Member 


Nicole Dezrea Jenkins, Assistant Professor, Sociology/Criminology 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: African diaspora; women's narratives; ethnography race and ethnicity; African diaspora; Blackness; identities; labor; Urban sociology; motherhood; poverty; anti-Black racism; racialized beauty. 

SOCI 151 Sociology of Poverty; SOCI 423 Ethnographic Fieldwork 


Krista Johnson, Associate Professor, African Studies 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Health policy, gender and HIV prevention, and global health governance in Africa 


Sandra Kalu, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Gendered racism and gendered racial identity development; academic success; gendered racial socialization in the school context; skills of resilience and resistance among marginalized individuals; school discipline disproportionality and school to prison pipeline; implicit and explicit racial bias 

SWSM 303 Independent Study II; SWFI 339 AGENCY-BASED EDUC IV 


Ravi Kumar Perry, Professor, Political Science 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: American politics; public policy; Black politics; LGBTQ politics; urban politics; political representation; social movements; Black religion and politics 

POLS 011 State and Local Government; POLS 100 Black Queer Politics 


Bahiyyah Muhammad, Associate Professor, Sociology/Criminology 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Mass incarceration, collateral consequences on families, specifically focused on resilience among children of incarcerated parents. Her recent work explores the culture among families and children who maintain bonds during long-term imprisonment and death by incarceration. 

SOCI 988 Independent Masters Research; SOCI 989 Independent Ph.D. Research I; SOCI 985 Independent Ph.D. Research II  


Carolette Norwood, Professor and Chair, Sociology/Criminology 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Health disparities; urbanization,;Jim Crow Black communities (segregation); reproductive and sexual health/rights (HIV/AIDS); Africana/Black Feminist theory and intersectionality; population control policy; interracial fertility in the US; women and microcredit in Sub-Saharan Africa 


Debra Roberts, Professor, Psychology 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: cultural/ethnic identity; normative development of diasporic African children within various contexts 

PSYC 038 Psychology of Media; PSYC 050 Intro to Psychology; PSYC 248 Practicum in Development Psych 


Darlene Taylor, Master Lecturer, Department of English 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Black women in writers; Historic preservation; Feminist literatures; Cultural Arts 

Public Humanities CWGGL Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network, Chair 


Nikki Taylor, Professor and Chair, Department of History 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: 19th Century U.S. history, African-American history, Black women's history, urban history 


Valethia A. Watkins, Associate Professor, African Studies/Women’s Studies 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Black women’s intellectual history; Africana gender studies; the politics of race and racism in American feminist thought; Conceptualizing Africana studies approaches to the study of gender. 

AFRO 185 Black Women in America; AFRO 006 Intro Afro-America II; WOMS 500 Intro to Women's Studies 


Jennifer D. Williams, Assistant Professor, English 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: LGBTQ studies; Black feminist literature 

ENGL 284 Topics in Lit and Writing;  


Amy Yeboah-Quarkume, Associate Professor, Political Science 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: Black women's leadership; Black women in the academy; Black radical women; 

AFRO 006 Intro Afro-America Studies II; AFRO 186 Black Women in America II 


Almaz Zewde, Professor, African Studies 

Research Interests and Teaching Interests: African development paradigms; the sociology of knowledge (Education and Social Change); traditional African gender theories; women in African development; contemporary Africa and the emerging global order; and African civil society 

AFST 240 Rural Development in Africa; AFST 356 Educ Sys & Soc Change Africa; AFST 500 Research in African Studies