Interdisciplinary Collaborative Networks

The Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network (ICN)

The Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network (ICN) aims at contributing to the fulfillment of the goals set by the Center for Women, Gender, and Global Leadership (CWGGL). To achieve this goal, the ICN creates a space for Howard University faculty to carry out research on women and gender studies and foster service-learning. The scope of gender studies is vast as it includes disciplines ranging from the humanities to the sciences.

As a result, the ICN is an interdisciplinary forum that encourages Howard University faculty to answer the following question: how does gender intervene in my research?

The answer to this question will bring HU faculty together to frame women and gender studies in as many angles as possible. The ICN invites HU faculty to foster scholarship by collaboratively working to publish academic works featuring topics related to gender in various disciplines. As part of service engagement, the ICN is an opportunity for HU faculty to enhance their interaction with graduate students by promoting co-authorship, serving on graduate students’ thesis committees, and organizing roundtables and conferences to solidify the academic foundation of HU graduate students.

Lastly, the ICN aims at creating a friendly environment for HU faculty whose research and teachings involve women and gender studies. Members of the ICN will have the opportunity to design courses aiming at exploring women and gender related issues in their respective disciplines. 


The goals of the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Network include: 

  • Enhancing the professional relationships between Howard University faculty whose research involve women and gender studies either fully or partially. 

  • Fostering scholarship on women and gender studies at Howard University. 

  • Enhancing the interaction between faculty and graduate students working on women and gender studies. 

  • Organizing academic events, such as conferences, roundtables, and seminars.  

  • Developing research initiatives that may facilitate the access to grants for faculty and graduate students. 

  • Preparing students to excel in a wide variety of careers by taking into account women and gender related issues in all fields. 

All events and programs carried out by ICN are subject to approval by the Center Director and Faculty Council. 


Each ICN should consist of no less than five members. Each ICN shall elect a leader from among the members, to serve as the liaison between the ICN and the Center, and be responsible for organizing the network’s activities and events. 



  • Eligible to apply for Center mini-grants 
  • Eligible to be considered for Center awards and spotlight feature. 
  • Eligible to be included in Center research projects and grants. 

To Create an ICN

An application to create an ICN must contain the following; 

  1. Tentative name of the network 

  1. A short description of the proposed network (200-250 words max) 

  2.  List some of the programs you plan to host per semester

  3. A plan indicating how you will recruit students and faculty

  1. Names of members (must include at least one graduate student)  


Send your application as a Word document or pdf to: